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Crash course A2-B1

Crash course A2-B1

Learn the language fundamentals and build a strong foundation. Expert instructors, interactive lessons, and tailored content ensure your success in the exam.




    • Learn 20+ must-know phrases from different topics in each class 
    • Use common Spanish expressions to introduce yourself, talk about friends and family
    • Ask and respond common personal questions 
    • Social expressions for life, work and travel. 
    • Talk about your hobbies & skills 
    • Tell and ask about time & location 
    •  Order food & drinks 
    • Talk about activities & make plans with someone
    • Relevant cultural topics   
    • Pronunciation practice and exercises Includes survival phrases for beginners How to ask and reply in full sentences 
    • Learn how to use an efficient translator led by a lead native instructor + What's included 10 live lessons on Zoom (75-90 min per lesson) 
    • Access to exclusive learning materials via Discord 
    • Peer support from a community of enthusiastic learners like yourself
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